This website is a salute to the Blue & Gray Brewing Company which served customers in Fredericksburg, Virginia for 15 years. The Civil War themed brewery and pub was beloved by beer enthusiasts and lovers of a great dining experience alike and was the oldest craft brewery in the area. The Blue & Gray was opened by founder Jeff Fitzpatrick on March 17, 2002. Before that, his Fred Red Ale and the Blue & Gray Classic Lager were brewed at other microbreweries in Virginia. Jeff listened to customer input and perfected his recipes before opening in Fredericksburg. For 15 years, Blue & Gray Brewing Co. offered Falmouth American Pale Ale and Stonewall Stout for a total of four flavors year round. Also produced were Spiced Winter Ale for Thanksgiving through February, Chocolate Raspberry Stout for February and Virginia Hefeweizen Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Tours of the facility were offered to guests interested in the brewing process. Check out the video below to see what the tour was like

Lee’s Retreat BrewPub and Restaurant

The BrewPub offered great food and, of course, great beer in a unique atmosphere with open viewing of the brewery area. Occasionally live music would be performed and the great sound system offered an entertaining experience for all.

The Beer!

Blue & Gray Brewing Company produced four great beer flavors. “We set out to brew the best beer in Virginia and ended up the best beer in the world. Thank you for supporting your local brewery – Blue & Gray!”

Blue & Gray Classic Lager
The crisp, smooth Classic Lager is judged to be excellent with food, or by itself. It has a distinct malty smoothness and light amber color. The Classic Lager is the result of superior quality ingredients and award winning hand-crafted attention to excellence. It is expertly “double-hopped” and then cold conditioned for six weeks.

Stonewall Stout
Stands firm with full flavor and provides strength all year round. We use roasted and flaked barley malt for a dry, smooth, rich and exceptionally comforting experience. So good you’ll say… “I’d Give My Right Arm For A Stonewall Stout”

Falmouth American Pale Ale
In Falmouth, VA, the fall line of the Rappahannock River, 18th Century Fredericksburg brewers improved on the extra-hoppy India Pale Ale (IPA) brewed in Britain. The IPA was over-hopped in order to survive the long sea journey to India. American colonists used generous amounts of American grain and a modest amount of American hops and created the American Pale Ale (APA). Sweet maltiness and a firm body topped off with whole leaf cascade hops.

Fred Red Ale
The best beer you’ve ever tried! This brew will arouse your senses with its refreshing aroma and pure malt-inspired body. This Irish style ale has a robust malty base which we balance with selective European hops for a fresh, bold finish. Unforgettable flavor, creamy head, and deep red color.

In 2016 Blue & Gray Brewing Co. was sold to Adventure Brewing company, which continues to produce great unique beer flavors in Fredericksburg, Virginia.